FIDIMO Fish dispersal model

Why model fish dispersal?

There is increasing evidence that even restoration measures which lead to an increase in local habitat diversity had no positive effect on river biota, yet. This might be simply due to the fact that fish and invertebrates were not able to reach and colonize the restored river in an engineering time frame.

The presence of barriers like dams obviously determines if a restored reach can be colonized, which is already considered in most River Basin Management Plans. Moreover, the presence and distance of source populations and many other factors influencing fish movement determine if a restored reach can be colonized and how long it takes (e.g. habitat requirements, population size).

As one task in the IMPACT project, the Fish Dispersal Model FIDIMO has been developed to predict fish movement and dispersal and to assess the (re)-colonization potential.

Here you can find more detailed information about fish dispersal modelling, FIDIMO and related Topics