Enduser Workshop Clipart
The results of the project are of high relevance for water managers in the study catchments, in comparable catchments, and for water managers in general.

Of course, the results will be published in international journals. However, these publications are not widely recognized on a national level, and often even not accessible for water managers.

Therefore, the results will be presented at workshops with water managers in Germany, France, and Portugal. National workshops are known to attract more participants (participation in international workshops is difficult due to administrative reasons for many water managers working on the national level!), and it is possible to discuss specific, national aspects of the IMPACT results.

For further dissemination, the results, a guideline, and tools will be posted on the website of the IWRM.NET project FORECASTER. Moreover, based on the available GIS data, catchments which are similar will be identified and information about the project outcome will be actively delivered to the responsible water managers in their national language.

13.04.2011: Stakeholder meeting

The German IMPACT partners did present the project to the local authorities, who are responsible for water management and the implementation of the EU-Water Framework Directive in the Treene study catchment (Landesamt für Landwirtschaft, Umwelt und ländliche Räume, Schleswig-Holstein).
The main issues were:

  • to present the project and the modelling approach,
  • to discuss possible synergies and collaboration,
  • to ask for and consider the needs of the water managers, e.g. in respect to the land-use scenarios and model species.